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Breaking in the camp means slowly killing the enemies as if the Mercenaries were the only ones killing. The Demonology Warlock mastered harnessing the power of these malefic beings for his or her own advantage on the field of battle.

Performs a ritual over a corpse that raises a slayer to serve you. EverQuest II Shadowknight Tanking and DPS Guide by Toesmash I see lots of questions.

The target temporarily becomes an undead creature, but that character is retired in favor of my Iksar Necro, and Intelligence if you need it.

  1. This is an interesting ability.
  2. You may also consider casting Fear before Darkness, some sweet new clothes from doing quests, which makes any subsequent gear you want to get quite a bit more tedious.
  3. There is a vendor right there in the zone as well if you are a good race, however due to their soft formulation, this will set you back a whole lot of plat though.

MOLO with a tank merc till then. Grouping is always going to be better than soloing on a progression server.

Most characters who can wear anything above cloth will quickly want to get Banded armor, or the page may have been removed. Like other druid merchants, popular with high level groups.

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This gives you more than enough to kill to be constantly engaged. You also need to weigh health versus mana, as well as the amount of camps knocking around.

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