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Kenya and Ethiopian Rifts and contains the shield volcano Erta Ale which has an active lava lake. Bardarbunga also owes its activity to these shifting plates, as well as being above a hot spot called a mantle plume.

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And from this highly variable landscape emerged an ape smart enough to question its own existence. The rifting process may ultimately lead to the birth of entirely new continents.

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Public Health Benefits from Livestock Rift Valley Fever Control: A Simulation of Two Epidemics in Kenya. These forces do not simply move the plates around, they can also cause plates to rupture, forming a rift and potentially leading to the creation of new plate boundaries.

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Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. The seafloor at the ridges is higher than the surrounding plain because the rocks are hot and thus less dense and more buoyant, riding higher in the underlying mantle.

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Tectonic activity splits continental crust much in the same way it does along midocean ridges. The spring deposits typically take the form of irregular masses of travertine and sinter, which in many cases are rather porous and show complex growth patterns.

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The most striking features in this view are the numerous, nearly parallel, linear fault lines that occupy the floor of the valley.

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In the Rift Valley, Tanzania, Lengai is the only active natriumcarbonatite volcano in the world, this lava is liquid like water.

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In the east a chain of volcanic peaks stretches north to south with Mounts Moroto, Kadem and Elgan. Continental meets continentaloccurs when two pieces of continental crust converge, the result is a great pileup of continental material.