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Naval Post Graduate School in Monterrey, California. They are given missions and orders from commissioned officers, and they supervise lower ranks to ensure their assignments are done correctly.

Also, a degree is not necessary to be a Limited Duty Officer, but there are limitations to the duty area of which they are experienced.

  1. This is often going to involve you talking with the other candidates that have billets during your time frame, which may require you to leave your squad bay to talk to a candidate who is in a different platoon.
  2. The Navy College Program makes it possible for sailors to receive college credit for on the job training, and to complete coursework while on base or during deployment.
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Will I be moved to the next OCS class? Friends and families also participated, as well as Partner Nation service members from Brazil and Peru.

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Unk and corps to be a marine officer candidate school. The varied day to day activities and interaction of personnel make this MOS the most diverse billet in the Marine Corps.