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NOTE In the semaphore flags system the letters a to i and k are equivalent to the. The peace sign consists of the semaphore flag signaling letters of N two diagonal lines and D two vertical lines representing nuclear.

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Holds in different positions to signal letters of the alphabet and numbers. The symbol is a combination of the semaphore signals for the letters N and D standing for nuclear disarmament In semaphore the letter N is formed by a.

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The semaphore alphabet is a way to use flags to signal messages Here's how to. 511 votes 2 comments 464k members in the RedditThroughHistory community History as if viewed through the posts of a redditor.

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Semaphore + PleaseHulseyIn semaphore the letter N is formed by a person holding two flags in an.

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The circle H includes letters or numbers H or I or 9 not J K or 0-zero L M N. The Semaphore code letters N and D stand for nuclear disarmament and is incorporated into the design of the symbol The letter N is signaled by holding.

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